High Heel Shoes

High Heel Shoes – Improvised Self Defense Weapon

In a self-defense situation, women might be caught wearing high heel shoes. Therefore, some martial arts schools teach students how to use high heel shoes as a self-defense weapon.

The long pointed high heel can be used as a “spike” in order to disrupt an attack and allow a person time to escape. This high heel spike can be used to kick or stomp on an attacker’s foot, knee, groin, etc. It can also be used as a hand held weapon in a self-defense scenario (i.e. a person has been knocked to the ground by an attacker).

However, remember that the best self-defense is to avoid situations where a person might be put into danger. Students should only practice martial arts self-defense techniques under the careful supervision of a trained martial arts instructor.

High Heels as a Self-Defense Weapon

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