Karate – Juji-Uke

Karate Block – Juji-Uke (or X Block)

This page will help you to learn Karate‘s Juji-Uke or “X Block”. This blocking technique is also known sometimes as a cross block. In this technique, a Karate student will cross his/her hands to form an “X” in order to block a high attack (i.e. club attack) or a low attack (i.e. foot or knee to groin).

The video below provide instructions on how to perform the Juji-Uke or X block. Karate blocks are used in self-defense, Karate katas, Karate kihon, etc.

For more blocking information and videos, visit the main Karate Blocks section.

Karate Juji-Uke (X Block) – Applications