Seated Straddle Stretch

Seated Straddle Stretch or Seated V-Stretch

This page provides details for the Seated Straddle Stretch or Seated V-Stretch. This stretch helps to stretch hamstrings, glutes, groin and back. This stretch also helps to achieve wider side splits and improve the flexibility needed for high roundhouse kicks. As a variation, martial artists can try reaching from side to side and touching their toes.

Some martial arts schools use two students to perform this stretch. The two students will sit facing one another and hold hands. One student will use their feet to gently push on the feet/legs of their partner in order to achieve a greater stretch.

All stretches should be supervised by a trained instructor in order to prevent injuries and to ensure the proper technique is utilized. For additional martial arts stretches and flexibility exercises, please visit the main Martial Arts Stretches or Yoga for Martial Arts sections.

Kung Fu Seated Straddle Stretch

Seated Straddle Stretch