Wado-Ryu Stance – Kiba Dachi

Wado-Ryu Stance – Kiba Dachi (Horse Riding Stance)

This page provides details for the Wado-Ryu stance – Kiba Dachi (or Horse Riding Stance). This is a common stance used in many Wado-Ryu katas and for leg strength training. For instructions on other stances, please visit the main Wado-Ryu Stances section.

Written Instructions

  • The horse riding stance requires knees to be bent with a low center of gravity.
  • In contrast to Shiko Dachi (Sumo Stance), your feet face straight forward in Kiba Dachi versus more to the side (outwards by 21.5 degrees) in Shiko Dachi.
  • In some schools this is taught with the toes pointed in slightly with the knee’s pointed slightly outward, this creates strength in the legs while being able to keep movement if needed.
  • The stance is generally with feet shoulder width apart, toes pointed slightly inwards, and knee’s slightly outward, with a straight back and shoulders relaxed. With this stance it is strong and very easy to drop your weight with it if in the correct posture, so is ideal to be used with locks etc. It does however restrict movement into other stances such as Zenkutsu Dachi.

Instructional Video for Wado-Ryu Stances – Kiba Dachi & Shiko Dachi


Red Dragons Karate School UK. Sensei Nathan Foster