Black Belt Wiki

Black Belt Wiki is a free martial arts wiki focused on helping martial arts students to improve their existing skills & overall fitness, explore new martial arts techniques and learn about different martial arts styles.

This martial arts wiki is focused on being an “instructional” wiki. Therefore, Black Belt Wiki works to provide visitors with free written and video instructions for katas, forms & patternskicking techniquespunches & strikesgrappling & submissionsself-defense and much more.

This wiki also tries to provide information on all of the major martial arts styles or systems such as AikidoBrazilian Jiu-JitsuHapkidoJudoKarateKrav MagaKung FuMixed Martial ArtsMuay ThaiTaekwondoTang Soo Do and Tai Chi. We also cover the sub-styles of major martial arts (i.e. Karate sub-styles such as ShotokanKyokushinShito-RyuWado-RyuShorin-RyuGoju-Ryu, etc.). Moreover, this martial arts wiki provides details about many of the less well-known martial arts styles and systems (i.e. Sherlock Holmes’ Bartitsu) because we believe that every martial arts style provides students with useful and/or unique techniques.

As you know, wikis are team efforts involving many people freely donating their time and knowledge. Therefore, we hope you will share your martial arts knowledge and help build this free wiki so beginners can gain a greater understanding of different martial arts styles and techniques. Please add some information to this wiki.

Examples of Wiki Sections

  • Kata & Forms – This section covers the kata & forms of Shotokan, Taekwondo, Kyokushin, etc.
  • Kicks – Instructions for kicks such as spinning hook kicks, axe kicks, roundhouse kicks, etc.
  • Martial Arts Styles – List of all major & minor martial arts styles
  • Physical Fitness – This section covers strength training, stretching, warm-ups, etc.
  • Punches – Instructions for punches & strikes such as knife hand strikes, spinning back fists, etc.
  • Terminology – Learn Japanese for Karate, Korean for Taekwondo, Chinese for Kung Fu, etc.

Wiki Objectives

If you are new to martial arts, we want to help you to learn about different martial arts styles so you can choose a school that is right for you.

If you are an existing martial arts student, we want to help you progress and to get ready for your next belt test. We want to reinforce and supplement your existing martial arts training by giving you information on more advanced techniques (i.e. kicks, self-defense, katas, etc.) and help you “relearn” techniques & katas that you practiced (and forgot) years ago.

We also want to help you “cross train” so you can learn about new martial arts techniques and styles in order to help you become a more complete martial artist. Moreover, we want to help you improve your martial arts power and endurance by providing you with detailed sports fitness information on stretchingconditioningstrength trainingyogabalance training, etc.

Black Belt Wiki is not trying to duplicate Wikipedia because that wiki does a great job providing lengthy summaries of subjects (such as the history of a specific martial arts style). However, Wikipedia is not adequate for learning martial arts techniques and katas/forms because it lacks detailed instructional videos and written step-by-step instructions… thus the need for a dedicated instructional martial arts wiki. We want this wiki to be a martial arts library which is free for all visitors and open 24 hours a day.

Add Knowledge

Please add information to this martial arts wiki in order to make it even better. Everyone is welcome to provide information and/or suggestions… as long as you are serious about helping others learn about martial arts techniques and styles. Share your knowledge and help beginning martial arts students.

Consider adding step-by-step kata instructions, kicking techniques, terminology or even a single sentence that helps to better explain a difficult technique or exercise. Any work done on this martial arts wiki (even a tiny edit to fix a spelling mistake) will help martial arts students everywhere!

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