Martial Arts Calories Burned

Calories Burned During Martial Arts Training

Martial arts training is a great way to burn calories and lose weight. This page provides information on the number of calories burned during various martial arts & related workouts. Listed below are the average calories burned by a 155-160 pound person over one hour of activity.

With most weight loss plans, participants need to eat less (consume fewer calories) and/or exercise more (burn off more calories). Be aware that an average sized person must burn off roughly 3,500 calories (without adding any calories back) in order to lose 1 pound. However, this calorie level varies based on a person’s weight, physical activity, etc.

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Everyday Activities

  • Gardening – 330 calories
  • Reading (sitting) – 80
  • Sleeping – 50
  • Walking (2 mph) – 204
  • Watching TV – 55

Martial Arts & Related Activities

  • Boxing (sparring) – 670 calories
  • Resistance (weight) training – 365
  • Running (5 mph) – 606
  • Taekwondo – 752
  • Tai Chi – 291
  • Wrestling – 445
  • Yoga, power – 292

Calorie “Equivalents”

The 752 calories burned by an entire one hour Taekwondo class is roughly equal to the following foods/drinks:

  • 7-9 small chocolate chip cookies or
  • 4-5 glasses of beer or
  • 2-3 slices of pepperoni pizza or
  • Less than a Big Mac, large fries and medium Coke (which equals roughly 1,250 calories)

Therefore having cookies, beer and McDonald’s during the week might mean weeks of extra martial arts classes in order to burn off the accumulated calories.

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Martial Arts Calories Burned

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