List of Kyokushin Katas – Instructions & Videos

This page provides free videos & instructions for Kyokushin katas. It will help you to prepare for your next Kyokushin Karate belt test. To master these Kyokushin Karate katas, you will also have to learn basic Kyokushin stances. In order to pass your belt tests, many Kyokushin schools also require that you know the meanings of Kyokushin kata. Please check with your Sensei/Instructor regarding your required kata movements as some Kyokushin Karate schools use slightly different kata formats. In addition, a number of Kyokushin Karate schools have their kata in different orders/sequences based on the preference of the school’s Sensei and system.

You should also read the Black Belt Wiki section on Is Kata Useful or Useless? as it discusses the pros & cons of kata. For the katas of other Karate styles (i.e. Shotokan katas), please visit the main Katas & Forms section.

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List of Kyokushin Karate Katas – includes videos and/or written instructions

Kyokushin Ura Katas – Ura katas are very similar to the same-named non-ura Kyokushin katas (i.e. Taikyoku Sono Ichi). However, ura katas contain spins when turning.

Kyokushin Bo Katas – These katas use a Bo staff.

Reasons for Kata

Many Karate schools use kata in order to help students practice certain moves (i.e. kicking techniquesself-defense techniques and various strikes). In addition, kata is used to improve a student’s physical conditioning, muscle memory, focus/concentration, balance, etc.

Demonstration Video of Kyokushin Karate Kata – Taikyoku Sono Ichi

Kyokushin Katas – Wheel Kick

Kyokushin Katas

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