Martial Arts – Sparring Techniques

List of Sparring & Kumite Techniques

This section explores martial arts sparring (kumite) techniques. Many martial arts schools use sparring in order to teach unarmed combat skills in a controlled and supervised environment (where students can safely learn how to kickpunch and/or grapple versus an unpredictable “live” opponent).

Below are guides to sparring by martial arts style (as each style has different rules and techniques).

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Martial Arts Sparring Techniques by Style or System

Some martial arts styles use kumite/sparring as a more grueling form of training. Kyokushin Karate is famous for the “100-man kumite“. This grueling sparring match consists of one man or woman fighting 100 rounds of kumite against 100 similar or higher level opponents (although some opponents may go multiple times if the match does not have significant numbers of participants).

Misc. Sparring & Kumite Information