List of Martial Arts Kicks – Instructions & Videos

This page provides instructions for a huge variety of martial arts kicks such as the axe kickspinning hook kick and flying back kick. It provides videos and/or written instructions for each of the kicks listed below in order to help you to learn that specific martial arts kicking technique. Martial arts kicks should be practiced extensively because they are used in a wide range of different situations including self-defensesparringkatas & formsbreaking techniques and demonstrations. Given the skill and flexibility required, many of the more advanced kicks (i.e. spinning hook kick and butterfly kick) are also used in martial arts movies in order to show a hero’s mastery of the martial arts.

These techniques should only be practiced under the supervision of a trained martial arts instructor. Kicking techniques can be done either with bare feet or with martial arts shoes. Some martial arts styles even practice kicks with street shoes (as a martial artist is unlikely to find themselves wearing martial arts shoes or walking around with bare feet in a self-defense situation). For additional kicking information, you should also visit the Black Belt Wiki sections on leg flexibility (necessary for high kicks), leg strengthkicking powerkicking speed and knee strikes.

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Basic Martial Arts Kicks – Click on each kick for detailed instructions and/or videos

Master List of Martial Arts Kicks (Basic & Advanced) – Click on each kick for detailed instructions and/or videos


Kicks from the Ground – If you have been knocked to the ground & must defend yourself with a kick.

Martial Arts Kicks by Martial Arts Style

Training Equipment for Stronger & More Accurate Kicks

Self-Defense Kicking Targets – Vital Areas

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Martial Arts Kicks – Axe Kick

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Martial Arts Kicks

Martial Arts Kicks

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