Martial Arts – Crescent Kick

Martial Arts Crescent Kick – Instructions & Videos

This page examines how to do a martial arts crescent kick. The crescent kick is used by many different martial arts styles. For example, the crescent kick is known as Bandal Chagi in Taekwondo and Mikazuki Geri in Karate.

While there are a variety of crescent kicks (see below), the most basic crescent kicks are the Inside Crescent Kick (in-to-out crescent kick) and the Outside Crescent Kick (out-to-in crescent kick). A crescent kick can strike an opponent with the edge of the foot or the heel of the foot in a “crescent axe kick” hybrid variation.

For more instructions on different martial arts kicks (i.e. spinning hook kick), please visit our main Martial Arts Kicks section.

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Crescent Kick Variations – Sections below have videos & instructions

Kickboxing Instructional Video on Crescent Kicks

Taekwondo Instructional Video on Outside Crescent Kicks

Taekwondo Instructional Video on Inside Crescent Kicks