List of Judo Techniques – Instructions & Videos

This section provides instructions for Judo techniques such as throws (Nage Waza) and grappling (Katame Waza). Judo is a Japanese martial arts with hundreds of different grappling techniques. In addition, the instructions on these pages will reinforce the knowledge of the Judo techniques that you have learned at your dojo. We have also provided you with the Japanese and English names for each of these Judo techniques.

To properly and safely utilize these techniques, you need to learn them from a Judo instructor who can give an in-depth explanation of the technique, provide instruction on your mistakes and detail how the technique should be employed. These martial arts techniques should be only practiced under the supervision of a trained martial arts instructor. Some of these Judo techniques are very dangerous (i.e. Hadaka Jime or Rear Naked Choke) if done improperly.

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Nage Waza – Judo Throws

Te Waza – Judo Throws (Hand Techniques)

Koshi Waza – Judo Throws (Hip Techniques)

Ashi Waza – Judo Throws (Foot Techniques)

Sutemi Waza – Judo Sacrifice Techniques

Katame Waza – Judo Grappling Techniques

Osae Waza – Judo Pinning Techniques

Shime Waza – Judo Choking Techniques

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Kinshi-Waza – Forbidden techniques. These have been banned from many Judo competitions.

List of Judo Throwing Techniques (or Nage Waza) – Each of the sections below contain instructions for many different Judo throwing techniques.

List of Judo Grappling Techniques (or Katame Waza) – These sections contain instructions for a wide range of Judo grappling techniques.

Judo Technique – Harai Goshi (Sweeping Hip Throw)

Judo Techniques – Throws (Nage Waza)

Judo Techniques

Judo Techniques Image provided by Wikimedia Commons


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