Punches & Hand Strikes – Instructions

List of Martial Arts Punches & Strikes – Instructions & Videos

This section provides instructions and/or information on a wide variety of martial arts punches, hand strikes and arm strikes. It will help you to learn techniques such as the straight punchknife hand strikepalm strike and spinning back fist. You will also learn about more exotic martial arts strikes such as the Tiger Claw and Crane Beak Strike. These punches and strikes are used for self-defensesparringbreaking techniques, etc.

Students should only practice these martial arts techniques under the supervision of a trained martial arts instructor. These techniques are often practiced with a training partner and/or against a speed bag, heavy bag, Wavemaster, Body Opponent Bag (BOB), Wing Chun Wooden Striking Dummy, etc.

For additional information, you can visit the Black Belt Wiki sections focused on punching power and punching speed.

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Basic Punches & Strikes – Click on each punch or strike for instructions & videos

Advanced Punches and/or Strike Variations – Click on each punch or strike for instructions & videos

Martial Arts Punches – Training

Martial Arts Punches

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Training Equipment for Punches & Strikes

Punches and Strikes by Martial Arts Style

Instructional Video – Punching Power