List of Bo Staff Techniques – Instructions & Videos

This section provides instructions for various Bo staff techniques (i.e. spins, strikes, blocks, etc.). These instructions will help beginning martial artists learn how to use a Bo staff for demonstrations, self-defensekata and sparring.

The Bo (staff) is an Okinawan (Japan) martial arts weapon. This staff is basically a long wooden pole traditionally made of oak and is roughly 6 feet in length. However, for demonstrations, a Bo is usually a lightweight metal staff (lighter weight for faster spins, etc.). Historically, wooden staffs were common tools used by martial artists because they were cheap, readily available and were not seen as threatening weapons (unlike swords and spears). Moreover, their length allowed them to successfully defend against shorter edged weapons (i.e. knives). Given the weight of the staff, training with this martial arts tool also builds upper body strength and improves overall conditioning.

Many different martial arts including training with wooden staffs (i.e. BoJo or Jang Bong) as part of their curriculum. These martial arts styles include AikidoBojutsuHapkidoKarateKung FuTaekwondo, etc.

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Bo Staff Basics

Bo Staff Spins – Mainly for Demonstrations

Bo Staff Strikes

Bo Staff Blocks

Bo Staff Self-Defense Techniques – Click on the techniques below for instructions and/or videos

Empty Hand Defense Against a Bo

Bo Staff Demonstration Combinations


Bo Staff Defense – Strike To Head And Sweep

Bo Staff Demonstration

Bo staff

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