List of Korean Martial Arts Styles

This page provides details about Korean martial arts styles. It covers martial arts such as HapkidoTaekwondoTang Soo Do and many more. If you think a style should be added to this page, please contact us. However, we will only accept martial arts styles that have many schools (10+) & an active style association/federation and/or a detailed Wikipedia page.

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Korean Martial Arts – Click on each style for more information

  • Gongkwon Yusul – Gongkwon Yusul is a hybrid martial arts that includes elements from HapkidoJujutsuJudo and Boxing.
  • Gungsol – Gongsul is a Korean martial arts focused on traditional archery techniques.
  • Haidong Gumdo – Haidong Gumdo is a martial arts focused on sword techniques. It contains elements similar to Kenjutsu and Iaido.
  • Han Mu Do – Han Mu Do (or Hanmudo) is a Korean martial arts style. It is seen as a “smoother” and more “open hand” cousin to Hapkido. Hanmudo students also train with weapons.
  • Hapkido – Hapkido is a Korean martial arts style focused on punches, kicks, throws and joint locks.
  • Hwa Rang Do – Hwa Rang Do is a Korean martial arts that includes sparring, self-defense, weapons training and grappling.
  • Kuk Sool Won – Kuk Sool Won is a martial arts focused on strikes, kicks, grappling, joint locks, weapons training and healing techniques.
  • Kyuk Too Ki – Korean kickboxing.
  • Sibpalki – Sibpalki is a martial arts that teaches close combat skills that were utilized in the late 1700s.
  • Soo Bahk Do® – Soo Bahk Do® is a Korean martial arts that grew out of Tang Soo Do.
  • Ssireum – Ssireum is a martial arts focused on wrestling.
  • Taekkyeon – Taekkyeon is a martial arts focused on low kicks, leg sweeps, trips, pushes, etc.
  • Taekwondo – Taekwondo is a martial arts style focused primarily on punches, blocks, strikes and kicks (i.e. spinning hook kick).
  • Tang Soo Do – Tang Soo Do is a martial arts style that is similar to Taekwondo and Karate.
  • Won Hwa Do – Won Hwa Do (or WonHwaDo) is a Korean martial arts known for its circular techniques.

Taekwondo Demonstration