Martial Arts Warm-Up Exercises

List of Martial Arts Warm-Up Exercises

In addition to stretching, martial arts students should perform warm-up exercises in order to loosen their muscles and increase their heart rate. These exercises should take place before starting the regular martial arts training session. Below are a large number of warm-up exercises with videos and instructions that you can use in your dojo or martial arts school.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Warming up may help prepare your body for aerobic activity. Warming up gradually revs up your cardiovascular system, increases blood flow to your muscles and raises your body temperature. Jumping into an aerobic workout without preparing your body could lead to such problems as muscle strain or injury.”

Before any strength and conditioning training, martial artists should stretch and warm-up. All stretches and exercises should be supervised by a trained martial arts instructor in order to prevent injuries and to ensure the proper technique is utilized. If you have had an injury or are in pain, please see a doctor before starting any stretching or exercise program. For additional stretches and exercises, please visit the main Martial Arts Physical Fitness section. You should also visit our section on Dynamic Stretches.

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Warm-Up Routines by Martial Arts Style

Individual Martial Arts Warm-Up Exercises


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