List of Aikido Katas – Instructions & Videos

This page provides details for Aikido katas such as Koryu No Kata and Randori No Kata. Kata is used in Aikido to help students to practice certain techniques (i.e. Aikido throws). It is also used to illustrate self-defense techniques and situations. This involves two students where one is the attacker and the other is the defender. For additional techniques, please visit the main Aikido techniques section.

If you are looking for Jo kata, you should visit the Aikido Jo Katas section. For other katas (i.e. Karate kata or Judo kata), please visit the main Katas & Forms section.

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Aikido – Koryu No Kata

  1. Aikido – Koryu Dai Ichi
  2. Aikido – Koryu Dai Ni
  3. Aikido – Koryu Dai San
  4. Aikido – Koryu Dai Yon
  5. Aikido – Koryu Dai Go
  6. Aikido – Koryu Dai Roku

Randori No Kata (Tomiki Aikido) – Randori No Kata consists of 17 basic Aikido techniques.

  1. Aikido Shomen-ate – Forward Strike To Head
  2. Aikido Aigamae-ate – Matching Stances Strike
  3. Aikido Gyakugamae-ate – Opposing Stances Strike
  4. Aikido Gedan-ate – Low Strike
  5. Aikido Ushiro-ate – Rear Strike
  6. Aikido Oshi-taoshi – Push Down
  7. Aikido Ude-gaeshi – Arm Turn
  8. Aikido Hiki-taoshi – Pull Down
  9. Aikido Ude-hineri – Arm Twist
  10. Aikido Waki-gatame – Side Pin
  11. Aikido Kote-hineri – Wrist Twist
  12. Aikido Kote-gaeshi – Wrist Turn
  13. Aikido Tenkai-kote-hineri – Rotating Wrist Twist
  14. Aikido Shiho-nage – Four Corner Throw
  15. Aikido Mae-otoshi – Forward Drop
  16. Aikido Sumi-otoshi – Corner Drop
  17. Aikido Hiki-otoshi – Pulling Drop

Instructional Video – Aikido Kata

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