Aikido – Jo Katas

List of Aikido Jo Katas

This section focuses on providing students with instructions for various Aikido Jo Katas (i.e. Jo Kata 31 and Jo Kata 13). These Aikido katas use the Jo, a Japanese/Okinawan staff weapon. Aikido students should also learn basic Aikido Jo Suburi in order to prepare for Aikido kata.

For non-weapon Aikido katas, visit the Aikido Katas section. For other katas (i.e. Karate), visit the main Katas & Forms section.

List of Aikido Jo Kata

  • Aikido – Jo Kata 13
  • Aikido – Jo Kata 22
  • Aikido – Jo Kata 31

Aikido 31 Jo Kata

Aikido 13 Jo Kata

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