Aikido – Jo Katas

List of Aikido Jo Katas

This section provides details about Aikido Jo Katas (i.e. Jo Kata 13 and Jo Kata 31). These Aikido katas use the Jo, a Japanese/Okinawan staff weapon. Aikido students should also learn basic Aikido Jo Suburi in order to prepare for Aikido kata.

For non-weapon Aikido katas, visit the Aikido Katas section. For other katas (i.e. Karate), visit the main Katas & Forms section.

List of Aikido Jo Kata

  • Aikido – Jo Kata 13
  • Aikido – Jo Kata 22
  • Aikido – Jo Kata 31

Aikido – 13 Jo Kata

Aikido – 22 Jo Kata

Aikido – 31 Jo Kata