Aikido Ude-Gaeshi

Aikido Technique – Ude-Gaeshi or Arm Turn

This page provides you with instructions for the Aikido Ude-Gaeshi technique (also known as arm turn or arm reversal). This is a basic technique used in Aikido. Ude-Gaeshi is also part of Aikido Randori-No kata, one of the Aikido katas. Elbow control techniques are an essential part of Aikido’s focus on controlling and/or redirecting an opponent.

For other Aikido techniques (i.e. Aikido wrist locks, elbow locks, counters or dislocations), visit Black Belt Wiki’s main Aikido Techniques section.

This Video Shows All 17 Of The Aikido Randori-No Kata
Ude-Gaeshi Is Shown In Segment #7 (which starts at 2:00 into the video)

YouTube Video of Ude-Gaeshi