Koryu Dai Yon

Aikido Kata – Koryu Dai Yon

This page provides details about Aikido kata – Koryu Dai Yon. This kata is divided into three sections focused on balance breaking & standing techniques.

Please watch the video below to see how these Aikido techniques are utilized in this Aikido kata. Also listed below are the techniques used in each section of this Aikido kata. For other katas, please visit Black Belt Wiki’s main Aikido katas page.

Koryu Dai Yon

Elements of the Aikido Kata – Koryu Dai Yon

Shichihon-no-nage-no-kata (Section A – Balance Breaking )

1. Jodan-ai-gamae
2. Jodan-gyaku-gamae
3. Chudan-ai-gamae
4. Chudan-gyaku-gamae
5. Gedan-ai-gamae
6. Gedan-gyaku-gamae
7. Ushiro-ryote-mochi

Shichihon-no-nage-no-kata Ura-waza (Section B – Balance Breaking with Counters)

1. Jodan-ai-gamae-no-ura-waza
2. Jodan-gyaku-gamae-no-ura-waza
3. Chudan-ai-gamae-no-ura-waza
4. Chudan-gyaku-gamae-no-ura-waza
5. Gedan-ai-gamae-no-ura-waza
6. Gedan-gyaku-gamae-no-ura-waza
7. Ushiro-ryote-mochi-no-ura-waza

Tachi Waza (Section C – Standing Techniques)

1. Migi-gyaku-gamae-ate
2. Hidari-gyaku-gamae-ate
3. Uchi-kaiten-nage
4. Sukui-nage
5. Ushiro-waza-kote-gaeshi
6. Jyuji-garami-nage
7. Tentai-oshi-taoshi
8. Tentai-hiji-garami
9. Tentai-sukui-nage
10. Ryote-mochi-uki-otoshi
11. Tenkai-kote-kugiki


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