Won Hwa Do – A Korean Martial Arts Style

Won Hwa Do (or WonHwaDo) is a Korean martial arts known for its circular techniques.  Within this circular philosophy, this martial arts style utilizes forms, strikes, kicks, throws, joint locks and submission techniques. In fact, Won Hwa Do’s name means “The Way of Circular Harmony”. Some practitioners think Won Hwa Do is like a combination of Korean Hapkido and Japanese Aikido. This Korean martial arts style was founded in 1972 by Great Grand Master Han Bong Ki.

According to the World WonHwaDo Federation, “The WonHwaDo techniques are based on 360 degree circular motions that could be shown as a very flowing movement like Aikido or Taichi. Also dynamic throwing techniques, joint locks, punching are used. Kicking techniques are performed based on circular motions of hands, legs and the whole body. Circular power doesn’t stop flowing and it creates a continuous effective attack and defense movement”.

This Korean martial arts also uses some unique techniques such as Hadan HweJeon GongBang (rotating arms in a forward motion) and Sangdan HweJeon GongBang (rotating arms in a backward motion).

Demonstration of Won Hwa Do Techniques

Basic Won Hwa Do Kicking Techniques

Examples of Won Hwa Do Forms

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