Groin Kick

Groin Kick – Self-Defense

This page provides details on a martial arts groin kick. This is a basic self-defense technique taught to most martial arts students. A groin kick can temporarily incapacitate many male opponents. However, given the pain inflicted by this technique, many males instinctively protect their groin. Most groin kicks usually involve a front kick to the groin. However, a groin kick can also utilize a toe kickpush kick, etc.

Groin kicks are illegal in most martial arts sparring competitions. However, they are useful in self-defense situations (i.e. rape prevention). For more information, please visit the Vital PointsKicking Techniques and Self-Defense sections.

Krav Maga Instructional Video on Groin Kicks

Krav Maga Instructional Video on Women’s Self-Defense & Groin Kicks

Karate Groin Kick