Back Kick – Instructions

Martial Arts Back Kick – Videos & Instructions

This page provides details on how to do a martial arts back kick. For a more powerful & advanced version of this kick, visit the spinning back kick page. The back kick is used in many different martial arts styles such as TaekwondoKung FuKarateMuay ThaiMixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing.

For more instructions on different martial arts kicks, please visit Black Belt Wiki’s main kicking techniques page. Students should only practice martial arts kicking techniques under the supervision of a trained martial arts instructor.

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Written Instructions for a Back Kick

  • Start in your kicking stance. You will use your rear leg in this kick.
  • If you are in a right kicking stance, turn your body to the right until you are facing directly away from your target. During this movement, you should pivot on your left foot.
  • Continue turning to the right and look over your right shoulder (look at your target – you need to see what you are hitting). Lift your right knee to your chest (think of kicking like a mule).
  • Drive the heel of your foot straight back towards your opponent.
  • After hitting your target, quickly resume kicking stance so you can prepare for your next kick.
  • For more power, try stepping forward and then starting your back kick. You will gain more forward momentum and you will be doing a spinning back kick.

Back Kick Variations

Kickboxing Instruction Video for a Back Kick

Kickboxing Instruction Video for a Back Kick

Taekwondo Back Kick Tutorial

Back Kick – Sparring

Martial arts back kick

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