Hook Kick

Martial Arts Hook Kick (Whip Kick)

This page provides details on how to do a martial arts hook kick or whip kick. This can be a deceptive kick because the kick appears to miss the target before snapping back and hitting with the heel of the foot. Moreover, this technique is used as part of the more powerful spinning hook kick.

For more instructions on different martial arts kicks, please visit Black Belt Wiki’s main kicking techniques page.

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Written Kicking Instructions

  • For a right front leg hook kick, students should aim slightly to the left of the target before snapping the foot back and hitting the target with the heel of the foot.
  • For a rear leg hook kick, there can a problem with this kick because you can over rotate and generate a weak kick (as you need to go against the momentum of the initial part of this kick). A front leg hook kick lacks this problem because you are just raising your leg into position for the snap/hook versus rotating your leg into position.
  • For these kicks, you need to work on the flexibility of your hip flexors, groin, etc. You will need to spread your legs wide apart because hook kicks are generally only effective for head kicks.

Instructional Video for a Hook or Whip Kick

Instructional Video for a Front Foot Hook or Whip Kick

Instructional Video for a Rear Foot Hook or Whip Kick

Hook Kick Tutorial

How To Use Hook Kick or Whip Kick in Sparring