Skipping Front Kick

Skipping Front Kick – Martial Arts

This section teaches you how to do a martial arts skipping front kick. This kick is also known as a hopping front kick or sliding front kick. A hopping or skipping front kick is a great way to quickly close the distance with an opponent and land a kick. For this kick, a student needs to have mastered the basic front kick.

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Written Instructions – How to do a Hopping, Skipping or Sliding Front Kick

  • To perform a hopping front kick or skipping front kick, you start in a fighting stance.
  • Take a sideways leap towards your opponent then bring your rear foot up to your front foot.
  • As your momentum carries you forward, push off with your rear foot and fire a quick front kick with your front leg at your opponent.
  • This kick is supposed to be fast and cover a lot of ground.

Instructional Video for a Taekwondo Skipping Front Kick