Kansetsu Geri

Kansetsu Geri – Karate Kicking Technique

Kansetsu Geri is a kicking technique used in Karate. It is a stomping kick or low side kick aimed at the side or back of an opponent’s knee. This kick can be quite devastating and should be practiced with care in order to avoid injuring a training partner.

Kansetsu Geri is practiced extensively by Karate styles such as Goju-RyuKyokushinIsshin-Ryu, etc. This kick is known as the “joint kick”, “knee joint kick”, “dislocation kick”, etc. Kansetsu Geri is sometimes spelled “Kanzetsu Geri”, “Kensetsu Geri”, etc.

Students should only practice martial arts kicking techniques under the supervision of a trained martial arts instructor. For information on other kicks, please visit Black Belt Wiki’s section focused on Karate Kicks or the main section on Martial Arts Kicks.

Kansetsu Geri

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