Shotokan Kumite

Shotokan Kumite (Sparring) – Techniques & Drills

This page will help you learn Shotokan kumite (sparring) techniques. Kumite teaches students how to effectively utilize the basic elements of Karate (i.e. kickspunches and blocks) in self-defense situations. In Shotokan Karate, kumite ranges from basic introductory drills (where students memorize specific attacks and defenses) to free style sparring (where students conduct “live” sparring matches).

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Types of Shotokan Kumite – Videos and/or instructions

Shotokan Kihon Kumite – Introductory one, three or five step sparring drills for junior level students with set attacks and defenses.

Shotokan Jiyu Ippon Kumite – More advanced one step free style sparring. Introduced to students generally when they have reached the level of brown belt.

Other Shotokan Kumite Drills

  • Shotokan Okuri Jiyu Ippon Kumite – Kumite where the attacker launches another attack after the initial attack and counter
  • Shotokan Jiyu Kumite – Free style sparring