Taekwondo Sparring

List of Taekwondo Sparring Techniques – Videos & Instructions

This section provides details on various Taekwondo sparring techniques. Taekwondo sparring is used to teach students how to deal with a live and moving human opponent (versus a static kicking dummy) in a controlled environment with protective sparring gear (i.e. helmet and chest protector) and a referee.

Of course, if you need any help with these kicks (i.e. a better spinning hook kick), please visit the main Kicking Techniques page for detailed kicking tutorials.

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Taekwondo Sparring – How to Utilize Different Kicking Techniques

Counter Attacks in Taewondo Sparring

Combination Kicks in Taekwondo Sparring – Combination kicks in sparring can be used as feints/fakes with a finishing kick, multiple offensive kicks, etc.

Blocking Techniques in Taekwondo Sparring

Sparring Strategy & Tactics


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