Taekwondo Step Sparring

Taekwondo Step Sparring

In addition to regular “free style” sparring, Taekwondo uses step sparring. These are a series of drills where students learn how to use blockspuncheskicks and other self-defense techniques in order to counter an opponent. They often involve a set response to an attack and are not free style.

These drills are often used in belt tests and the defender must correctly demonstrate a prearranged set of techniques in order to pass. Step sparring can involve numerous steps by the attacker & defender and typically range from one step to three steps (the number of prearranged attacks and responses). Step sparring drills often vary at different Taekwondo schools and become more difficult and complex as a student advances in rank.

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Example of a Step Sparring Drill

  • The attacker will step forward and throw a punch to the defender’s face. The defender will slide back, do a left high block countering the attacker’s punch and throw a right knife hand strike to the attacker’s throat.

Taekwondo One Step Sparring – Example of Lower Level Drills

Taekwondo One Step Sparring – Example of Higher Level Drills

Taekwondo Three Step Sparring