Knife Hand Strike – Instructions

Knife Hand Strike – Martial Arts

This page provides details on how to do a martial arts knife hand strike (i.e. the famous Karate “chop”). This strike is common to many martial arts such as KarateTaekwondo and Kung Fu.

In this strike, you hit a target with the side of your open hand (versus punch that utilizes a clenched fist). You are hitting with the pinky side of your hand (versus the thumb side utilized in a ridge hand strike). This strike can be done with the palm up or palm down. This technique is used to target areas such as an attacker’s neck, collar bone, wrist, etc. Moreover, this open hand technique has an additional benefit because it can be turned into a grab if the strike is ineffective.

All stretches and exercises should be supervised by a trained martial arts instructor in order to prevent injuries and to ensure the proper technique is utilized. For information on other punches and striking techniques, please visit the main Punches & Strikes section.

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