List of Kyokushin Stances

List of Kyokushin Stances

This page provides details about the different stances used in Kyokushin. These Kyokushin stances are used in kata, kumite (sparring), dojo training, etc. If you are looking information on kata instructions, please visit Black Belt Wiki’s main Kyokushin kata section.

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Kyokushin Stances

  • Fudo dachi – Immobile stance
  • Heiko dachi – Parallel stance
  • Heisoku dachi – Closed foot or blocked foot stance
  • Kake ashi dachi – Crossed leg stance
  • Kiba dachi – Horse riding stance
  • Kokutsu dachi – Back stance
  • Moro ashi dachi – One foot forward stance
  • Musubi dachi – Formal attention stance
  • Neko ashi dachi – Cat foot stance
  • Sanchin dachi – Three battles stance, three point stance, hour glass stance, etc.
  • Shiko dachi – Sumo stance
  • Shizen tai (Yoi daichi) – Ready stance
  • Soto hachiji dachi – Outside figure 8 stance
  • Tsuru ashi dachi – Crane stance
  • Uchi hachiji dachi – Inside figure 8 stance
  • Yoi daichi (Shizen tai) – Ready stance
  • Zenkutsu dachi – Front stance, forward stance, etc.

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