About Us

There are many different styles of martial arts that are useful in a variety of different situations. Moreover, many students want to learn elements from multiple martial arts in order to improve their overall skills. Therefore, I created Black Belt Wiki in order to help novices, intermediate students and even experts to improve their martial arts knowledge. I wanted to help all martial arts students to get the most out of their favorite martial arts style or styles!

Wikipedia does a great job with facts such as the history of a particular martial arts style. However, Wikipedia is not designed to teach individual martial arts techniques because it lacks instructional videos and step-by-step instructions… thus the need for a dedicated instructional martial arts website. Black Belt Wiki offers free written and video instructions on kicking techniques, grappling, forms/patterns/katas, self-defense and much more.

We aren’t trying to get rich from this website (FYI – it doesn’t earn much). We are doing it because we love the martial arts. Hopefully, this wiki will help you to learn about different martial arts styles or how to improve your martial arts skills.

If you would like to send us an email, please visit our contact page.


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