Aikido – Ikkyo

Aikido Technique – Ikkyo  or First Teaching

This page provides you with instructions for the Aikido Technique Ikkyo or “First Teaching”. This elbow control technique is used in combination with many types of different attacks.

According to, Ikkyo “is the most basic of all aikido techniques, and should be possible to do on any attack. It is also an entrance move for nikyo, sankyo, yonkyo, gokyo and hijikime osae”.

For other Aikido techniques (i.e. Aikido wrist locks, elbow locks, counters or dislocations), visit Black Belt Wiki’s main Aikido Techniques section.

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Instructional Video for the Aikido Technique – Ikkyo

Aikido’s Ikkyo from a Single Wrist Grab

Aikido’s Ikkyo – Many different combinations shown in this video

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