List of Aikido Jo Suburi

This page examines Aikido Jo Suburi or basic Jo techniques such as thrusts and strikes. These 20 techniques are considered building blocks in order to prepare students for Aikido Jo Katas. Please watch the video below to see how these twenty Aikido movements are performed.

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Aikido Jo Suburi

Tsuki No Bu – Thrusting Series

1. Choku Tsuki – Direct thrust
2. Kaeshi Tsuki – Counter thrust
3. Ushiro Tsuki – Rear thrust
4. Tsuki Gedan Gaeshi – Thrust, low counter
5. Tsuki Jodan Gaeshi Uchi – Thrust, high counter strike

Shomen No Bu – Front Strike Series

6. Shomen Uchikomi – Front-of-the-head stepping strike
7. Renzoku Uchikomi – Repeating stepping strike
8. Menuchi Gedan Gaeshi – Head strike, low counter
9. Menuchi Ushiro Tsuki – Head strike, rear thrust
10. Gyaku Yokomen Ushiro Tsuki – Reverse side-of-the-head strike, rear thrust

Katate No Bu – Wrist Series or One Hand Series

11. Katate Gedan Gaeshi – One-handed low counter
12. Katate Toma Uchi – One-handed distant-interval strike
13. Katate Hachi No Ji Gaeshi – One-handed figure eight counter

Hasso No Bu – Figure Eight Series

14. Hasso Gaeshi Uchi – Figure eight counter, strike
15. Hasso Gaeshi Tsuki – Figure eight counter, thrust
16. Hasso Gaeshi Ushiro Tsuki – Figure eight counter, rear thrust
17. Hasso Gaeshi Ushiro Uchi – Figure eight counter, rear strike
18. Hasso Gaeshi Ushiro Harai – Figure eight counter, rear sweep

Nagare No Bu – Flowing Series

19. Hidari Nagare Gaeshi Uchi – Left flowing counter strike
20. Migi Nagare Gaeshi Tsuki – Right flowing counter thrust

Demonstration Video of Aikido Jo Suburi

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