Aikido Kumitachi

Aikido Kumitachi – Partnered Bokken Techniques

This section looks at Aikido Kumitachi or Aikido’s partnered bokken techniques. Kumitachi requires two students who practice a variety of offensive and defensive bokken techniques in formalized movements (sort of like mini partnered bokken katas or bokken versions of one-step sparring). According to Wikipedia, “kumitachi teach students how to alternately control the center line and move off it to avoid attacks and how to blend with an opponent’s attacks, among other skills”.

Some Aikido schools practice 5 separate kumitachi techniques whereas other schools can have 15 or more. For solo bokken practice, Aikido students often use Aikido Ken Suburi. Bokken are wooden swords primarily used for martial arts weapons training. They are used in Japanese martial arts such as KendoKenjutsuNinjutsu and Aikido.

For other Aikido techniques (i.e. Aikido wrist locks, elbow locks, counters or dislocations), visit Black Belt Wiki’s main Aikido Techniques section.

Demonstration of Aikido Kumitachi (1-5)

Demonstration of Aikido Kumitachi (1-15) – ASU Version

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