Aikido Numbers

Aikido Numbers or How To Count In Japanese

This page teaches Aikido numbers or how to count in Japanese for Aikido. As you know, Aikido is a Japanese martial arts. Moreover, many Aikido schools require that their students know basic Japanese numbers, words and terms. Therefore, we have listed the primary Japanese numbers used in Aikido for training purposes such as stretching and katas. We have also added a video where you can hear the proper pronunciation of these Japanese numbers.

For other Aikido terms and words, visit the Aikido Terminology page. For other martial arts words & commands, please visit the main Martial Arts Terminology section.

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Aikido Numbers – Counting In Japanese During Aikido

  • One – Ichi
  • Two – Ni
  • Three – San
  • Four – Shi
  • Five – Go
  • Six – Roku
  • Seven – Shichi
  • Eight – Hachi
  • Nine – Kyu
  • Ten – Jyu
  • Eleven – Jyu Ichi
  • Twelve – Jyu Ni
  • Thirteen – Jyu San
  • Fourteen – Jyu Shi
  • Fifteen – Jyu Go
  • Sixteen – Jyu Roku
  • Seventeen – Jyu Shichi
  • Eighteen – Jyu Hachi
  • Nineteen – Jyu Kyu
  • Twenty – Ni Jyu

Counting in Japanese