Aikido Shomenuchi Gokyo

Aikido Technique – Shomenuchi Gokyo (or Defense Against Strikes To The Top Of The Head Or Shoulder)

This page provides students with instructions for the Aikido Shomenuchi Gokyo technique (also known as Shomen Uchi Gokyo). This technique is a defense against a strike to the top of the head or shoulder. In the past, this technique was used against sword strikes but could be useful today against an opponent armed with a club, stick, knife, etc. This Aikido defense uses the basic Aikido Gokyo technique.

For other Aikido techniques (i.e. Aikido wrist locks, elbow locks, counters or dislocations), visit Black Belt Wiki’s main Aikido Techniques section.

Aikido Gokyo with Shomenuchi Gokyo Application

Aikido Shomenuchi Gokyo

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