Asai Kata – Dai Ichi Ken

Asai Kata – Dai Ichi Ken

This page provides details for the Asai Kata known as Dai Ichi Ken. This is an introductory kata for beginners.

This Karate kata was created by Tetsuhiko Asai, the founder of the International Japan Martial Arts Karate Asai-ryu (IJKA), and Japan Karate Shoto-Renmei (JKS). Dai Ichi Ken is used by a limited number of Shotokan Karate organizations such as the IJKA.

For other Asai kata, please visit the main Asai Katas section. For the traditional 26 Shotokan Kata, please visit the Shotokan Karate Katas section.

Demonstration Video for Asai Kata – Dai Ichi Ken

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