ATA Taekwondo Forms

List of ATA Taekwondo Forms

This section examines ATA Taekwondo forms such as Songahm 1 (white belt form). Forms are used by the ATA to practice certain moves (i.e. kicking techniques, self-defense techniques and various strikes) as well as for improving a student’s physical conditioning, muscle memory, focus/concentration, balance, etc.

According to the American Taekwondo Association, “Songahm forms have been arranged as a system to gradually increase the student’s skill, develop technical balance equally on the left and right side of the body, train muscles, and to develop students from the beginner level through the rank of Grand Master. This is why each Songahm form does not repeat most techniques more than twice and also why every technique which is done with a right arm/leg is also repeated with the left arm/leg.”

ATA Taekwondo forms are copyrighted protected techniques. Therefore, we can not offer form instructions to you. For other Taekwondo forms (i.e. WTF and ITF Taekwondo), please visit the main Forms & Katas section.

List of ATA Taekwondo Forms

  1. Songahm 1 (White Belt) – 18 moves
  2. Songahm 2 (Orange Belt) – 23 moves
  3. Songahm 3 (Yellow Belt) – 28 moves
  4. Songahm 4 (Camo Belt) – 31 moves
  5. Songahm 5 (Green Belt) – 34 moves
  6. INWHA 1 – In Wha Il Jahng (Purple Belt) – 44 moves
  7. INWHA 2 – In Wha Ee Jahng (Blue Belt) – 42 moves
  8. Choong Jung 1 (Brown Belt) – 44 moves
  9. Choong Jung 2 (Red Belt & Recommended Black Belt) – 46 moves
  10. Shim Jun (1st Degree Black Belt) – 81 moves
  11. Jung Yul (2nd Degree Back Belt) – 82 moves
  12. Chung San (3rd Degree Black Belt) – 83 moves
  13. Sok Bong (4th Degree Black Belt) – 84 moves
  14. Chung Hae (5th Degree Black Belt) – 95 moves
  15. Jhang Soo (6th Degree Black Belt) – 96 moves
  16. Chul Joon (7th Degree Black Belt) – 97 moves
  17. Jeong Seung (8th Degree Black Belt) – 98 moves
  18. Dong Seung (9th Degree Black Belt) – 99 moves


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