Backpacks – Improvised Self-Defense Shield

In a self-defense situation, some martial arts schools teach using backpacks as a “shield”. A student is taught to place the backpack in front of their body in order to ward off an attacker’s blows (i.e. knife or club attack). The student will grab the backpack’s straps and maneuver the bulk of the backpack in order to block any attacks. Other possible improvised shields include large purses, briefcases, chairs, etc.

In this scenario, the martial artist is hoping that the shield will delay the attack long enough in order to escape and/or call for help. However, be aware that an attacker can attempt to grab the backpack. Therefore, martial arts students are also often taught to search for a quick exit after blocking the initial attack.

Students should only practice martial arts self-defense techniques under the careful supervision of a trained martial arts instructor.

Backpacks as a Self-Defense Shield