Tang Soo Do Form – Bassai

Tang Soo Do Form (Hyung) – Bassai 

This page teaches you how to do Tang Soo Do Form (Hyung) – Bassai. Please be aware that some Tang Soo Do organizations have “large” (major) and “small’ (minor) versions of Bassai. The large (major) version is called Bassai or Bassai Dai and the small (minor) version is called Bassai So, Bassai Sho or Bassai Cho. We have added videos for both versions below.

For more Tang Soo Do form instructions and videos, visit our main Tang Soo Do Hyung (forms) page.

YouTube Video of Tang Soo Do Form 9 with Instructions

YouTube Video of Tang Soo Do Form 9 without Instructions

Tang Soo Do – Bassai So (Minor Version)