Belts – Improvised Self-Defense Weapon

In a self-defense situation, some martial artists practice using a belt as an improvised martial arts weapon. In addition, these martial artists may also practice with other “everyday” self-defense items that people might commonly carry or wear (such as caneswomen’s high heel shoesumbrellas, etc).

It is hard to take off a belt in the middle of a fight. Therefore, martial artists often practice taking off their belts in advance of any trouble (i.e. upon seeing a group of potential attackers approaching or dealing with potential attackers who have begun with verbal harassment and who might escalate the situation).

Belts can be utilized in the following manners:

  • Swing the belt and strike the attacker with the belt buckle.
  • Use the belt like a whip in order to create stand-off distance.
  • Wrap belt around a fist in order to shield & pad the punching or blocking hand.
  • Use belt like a rope in order to restrain or entangle attacker.

Belts can be used like traditional martial arts weapons such as the Kusari Fundo. Students should only practice martial arts self-defense techniques under the careful supervision of a trained martial arts instructor.

Belt as a Self-Defense Weapon