Books for Older Martial Artists

Books for Martial Artists over 50 Years Old

This section looks at books for martial artists who are over 50 years old. These martial arts books looks at issues such as injury prevention, improving flexibility, balance training, self-defense, etc. Also, please be aware that people over 50 take up many different types of martial arts… not just Tai Chi. 🙂

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Most Popular Books for Martial Artists Over 40

  • Martial Arts After 40 – This martial arts book looks at “How old is too old start a marital art?; What type of exercises are best (and which ones are dangerous) for the over-40 martial artist?; What are the effects of ageing and how can martial arts combat them?; How can baby boomers keep up in a martial arts class full of gen-Xers?; What types of injuries are most prevalent after 40 and how can they be prevented?”
  • Solo Training 3: 50 And Older (Volume 3) – This martial arts book focuses on “developing speed, power, flexibility, good health, and street savvy past the age of 50, and continuing to train and progress for many more years”.
  • Ultimate Flexibility: A Complete Guide to Stretching for Martial Arts – This stretching book is specifically aimed at martial artists. It provides “detailed instructions, workout planning guides, goal setting tips, difficulty levels, injury prevention and recovery, and over 400 photos”. This book is perfect for middle aged martial artists… because when compared to our younger days, we are usually a tiny bit less flexible! 🙂

Additional Books for Martial Artists & Athletes Who Are 40+ Years Old