Cane Fighting

Cane Fighting

Canes or walking sticks are used as weapons by many traditional martial arts styles such as HapkidoBartitsuEskrima/Arnis/Kali and Goju-Shorei Karate.

While the cane is seen as a tool for the elderly or injured, it is frequently used in weapons training in many martial arts schools. It has an advantage over many other traditional martial arts weapons in that a cane is “street legal” and thus more readily available to a martial artist.

A cane has multiple advantages as a martial arts weapon due to the use of its tip (for pokes and thrusts) and its long wooden shaft (for strikes, blocks and joint locks). Moreover, it also has the unique advantage of its hook which helps with tripping, trapping or choking an attacker.

Hapkido Cane Techniques

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