Clapping Push-Up

Clapping Push-Up – Plyometrics Exercise

This page will teach you how to do Clapping Push-Ups. This advanced plyometrics exercise is used by martial artists in order to improve their punching power and speed. Clapping push-ups work on the muscles in your arms, shoulders and chest. It helps to generate explosive power through its quick & strong thrusting motion.

All stretches and exercises should be supervised by a trained martial arts instructor to ensure the proper technique is being utilized and to avoid potential injuries. For additional exercises and push-up techniques, please visit the main Martial Arts Strength Training page.

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Instructions for Clapping Push-Ups

  • Try doing a regular push-up so vigorously that you can do a hand clap in the air between each push-up.
  • Get into a prone push-up position.
  • Push yourself into the air with your initial push-up.
  • As you rise off the ground, try to clap before returning your hands to the ground.
  • Be careful with this exercise (especially when tired) because if you can land incorrectly, you can hurt your hands & wrists.

Instructional Videos for Clapping Push-Ups