Do-Jime – Judo’s Forbidden Trunk Squeeze or Trunk Strangle

This page provides details for Judo‘s Do-Jime (also known as Trunk Squeeze, Trunk Strangle, etc.). This is a Judo choking technique and is forbidden in Judo competitions. It is one of Kodokan’s Kinshi Waza (forbidden techniques).

With the Do-Jime technique, a Judo student will squeeze their legs together tightly around an opponent’s body. This can result in rib damage, lung compression, etc.

All of Judo’s Kinshi Waza (forbidden techniques) are dangerous and should be practiced only under the supervision of a trained Judo instructor. Be considerate of your training partner! For more Judo throws and grappling techniques, please visit the main Judo Techniques page.

Instructional Video for Judo’s Do Jime