Elbow Strike – Krav Maga

Krav Maga Elbow Strikes – Videos & Instructions

This page provides details for a variety of Krav Maga elbow strikes. These striking techniques are very effective for in-close self-defense situations.

In Krav Maga, students are often taught seven different elbow strikes (or elbows 1-7). These include elbow #1 – horizontal high elbow strike, elbow #2 – sideways elbow strike, elbow #3 – horizontal backward elbow strike, elbow #4- vertical backward low elbow strike, elbow #5 – vertical backward elbow strike (high target), elbow #6 – vertical forward & upward elbow strike and elbow #7 – vertical forward & down elbow strike.

For more techniques, please visit the main Krav Maga Techniques section. To see how elbow strikes (i.e. spinning elbow strikes) are done by other martial arts, please visit the main Elbow Strikes section.

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Instructional Videos on Krav Maga Elbow Strikes

Krav Maga’s Seven Elbow Strikes

Instructional Video for Krav Maga Elbow Strikes 1-7

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