Front Elbow Strike

Front Elbow Strike (or Forward Elbow Strike)

This page provides instructions for the Front Elbow Strike (or Forward Elbow Strike, Forward Horizontal Elbow Strike, Round Elbow Strike, etc.). This elbow strike is often used in self-defense situations when a martial artist is very close to an attacker. It can be used against an attacker’s head, neck, ribs, etc.

For other elbow strikes (i.e. spinning elbow strike), please visit the main Elbow Strikes section.

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Written Instructions for Technique

  • In this technique, a martial artist will rotate their body, swing their elbow forward and strike the attacker with their elbow.
  • This technique is often combined with grasping an opponent’s head so the opponent can not move away from the elbow strike.

Instructional Video for a Front or Forward Elbow Strike