Front Kick Sweep – Krav Maga

Krav Maga – Front Kick Sweep

This page examines the Krav Maga technique known as a Front Kick Sweep, Front Kick Heel Sweep or Sweep with Forward Kick. This takedown involves a front kick that does not hit the target. Rather it moves the foot behind the opponent and then reverses into a rear sweep attacking the opponent’s lower leg.

The sweep portion of the technique involves using a person’s heel or calf to strike the rear ankle, heel or calf of an opponent’s single leg and knock the opponent’s foot off the ground. The opponent will lose their balance and should be pushed simultaneously backwards by the student’s hands & body. This causes the opponent to fall backwards to the ground.

In Krav Maga, when an opponent falls to the ground. this can be followed up with kicksgrappling techniques, etc. However, if possible, Krav Maga instructors recommend escaping from the attack. Leg sweeps are also used by many other martial arts styles such as JudoKarate and Jujutsu.

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Krav Maga Front Kick Sweep