Go-Kan-Ryu Kata – Taigyoku Nidan

Go-Kan-Ryu Kata – Taigyoku Nidan (Second Kata)

This page provides details for the Go-Kan-Ryu Kata – Taigyoku Nidan. This is the second kata taught to Go-Kan-Ryu students. For information on the kata used by different Karate styles (i.e. Shotokan), please visit the main Kata & Forms section.

In this kata, the following elements are utilized:

  • Kihon: Chudan Tzuki, Gedan Barai. Mae Geri
  • Follows basic “I” or side “H” pattern, contains two kiai’s.
  • Stances: Zenkustu Datchi.

Demonstration Video of Go-Kan-Ryu Kata – Taigyoku Nidan

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