Goju Ryu Stances

List of Goju Ryu Stances

This page provides details about the different stances used in Goju-Ryu Karate. These stances are used in kata, kumite (sparring), training, etc. One of the key stances associated with Goju-Ryu is Sanchin Dachi (Hour Glass Stance).

If you are looking for the stances of other Karate styles (i.e. Shotokan), please visit Black Belt Wiki’s main Karate Stances section.

Goju-Ryu Stances

  • Fudo dachi – Free stance or sumo stance (Americanized description)
  • Hachiji dachi – Natural or open leg stance
  • Han zenkutsu dachi – Half front stance
  • Heiko dachi – Parallel stance
  • Heisoku dachi – Closed foot or blocked foot stance
  • Kiba dachi – Horse riding stance
  • Kosa dachi – Crossed leg or scissor stance (Americanized description)
  • Kokutsu dachi – Back stance
  • Musubi dachi – Formal attention stance
  • Neko ashi dachi – Cat foot stance
  • Renoji dachi – Letter “Re” stance
  • Saga ashi dachi – Heron stance
  • Sanchin dachi – Hourglass stance
  • Sesan dachi – Side facing straddle stance
  • Shiko dachi – Square stance
  • Teiji stance – T-shaped stance
  • Zenkutsu dachi – Front stance

Demonstration Video of Goju-Ryu Stances


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